How to Use the Copyright © Symbol

 Where Does Copyright Symbol Go?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, artist, youtuber, author of a book it’s essential to understand the nuances of using the copyright symbol. Copyright symbol, also known as ©, is a vital element in protecting your creative works and intellectual property. In this article, we will explore how to use the copyright symbol correctly and answer the question, “Where does the copyright symbol go?”

Understanding the Copyright Symbol ©

The copyright symbol, represented by the letter C inside a circle (©), is a simple yet powerful tool that indicates ownership of a creative work. While it’s not legally required to use the copyright symbol to establish your copyright in majority of coutries, it serves as a useful reminder to others that your work is protected.

Ok, but where to put that symbol?

The placement of the copyright symbol may seem like a minor detail, but it’s crucial to use it correctly. Here are some best practices for where to use the copyright symbol:

  1. Near the Copyrighted Work: The copyright symbol should be placed near the copyrighted work. This can be on the first page of a book, the bottom of a webpage, the credits of a film, or the packaging of a product. The idea is to ensure that anyone viewing or using your work knows that it’s protected by copyright.

  2. Placement on Digital Works: For digital content, such as websites, images or digital documents, it’s common to use the copyright symbol in the footer or on the bottom of the page. This placement is easily visible and informs visitors that the content is protected.

  3. Invisible Watermarking: Some creators choose to embed an invisible copyright symbol within their digital files. While it’s not visible to the eye, it can be detected electronically. This method is particularly useful for digital images and documents.

  4. Multiple Placements: In some cases, it may be appropriate to use the copyright symbol in several locations, especially for comprehensive works like books. Placing it on the title page, the copyright page, and the back cover is a common practice.

  5. Use it with the Year and Copyright Holder: A best practice is to combine the copyright symbol with the year of creation and the name of the copyright holder, e.g., “My Book © 2023 John Doe.”


The Copyright Symbol on the Internet

On the internet, the copyright symbol plays an important role in protecting digital content. Placing the symbol on your website, images and written content is a clear indicator of your ownership. It’s a preventive measure against unauthorized use and demonstrates your commitment to safeguarding your intellectual property.

Why Using the Copyright Symbol Matters

Using the copyright symbol is a simple and effective way to protect your creative works. While copyright is, in most countries,  automatically granted to the creator upon the creation of an original work, the copyright symbol acts as a warning sign to potential infringers. It informs them of your rights and legal protections.

In case of copyright infringement, having used the copyright symbol can be beneficial in court, as it demonstrates your proactive efforts to protect your intellectual property.

To conclude it, understanding how to use the copyright symbol is a fundamental aspect of copyright law. Proper placement, especially in combination with the creation year and copyright holder’s name, helps protect your creative works. Whether in print or on the internet, the copyright symbol serves as a vital tool for all creators seeking to safeguard their intellectual property.


If you need help with protection of your intellectual property, feel free to contact us anytime for legal advice.

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