Intellectual Property Monitoring
Actively protect your IP rights with us


(Word trademark)
40 / month
  • Up to 2 word trademarks
  • Legal recommendations
  • Monthly reports


(Logo trademark)
50 / month
  • 1 logo trademark
  • Legal recommendations
  • Monthly reports


(Word + Logo trademark)
90 / month
  • Up to 3 word trademarks
  • Up to 1 logo trademark
  • Legal recommendations
  • Monthly reports


(Word, Logo and Design)
395 / month
  • Up to 10 word trademarks
  • Up to 3 logo trademarks
  • Up to 2 product designs
  • Legal recommendations
  • Monthly reports

Why monitor your IP rights?

Trademark or design registration is just a one step in the process of protection of your brand or design. In order to maintain your rights, you need to actively defend them against other competitors or potential infringement. Performing regular monitoring for similar or identical applications gets you various benefits, such as:

Why us?

By using dedicated software to intellectual property rights monitoring and with our experience in IP law, we know what we are looking for and we can handle the monitoring process for your brands or products for you. If we discover any potential threats for your rights, we will also recommend you further steps free of charge. By choosing us you will get various benefits, such as:

Yes, if you are thinking about your brand or product design seriously, then you should care if someone else is copying you or making fake products or is using your brand on his products. There are many reasons to start actively protecting your rights. It is not expensive process, if you compare it to finances you have probably invested in marketing, then monitoring is just a little expense every serious brand takes into account to safeguard its investments into brand or product.

If you have any questions regarding IP monitoring, contact us anytime.

The only things we need from you, in order to start our work, are basic contact and invoicing information, territory in which you want to monitor your rights and also link to your trademark or design in official register. If your trademark or design is not yet registered, you can send us the picture of them.

If you are our client and you are using one of our IP monitoring services, then the monitoring is performed by the qualified attorney at law specialised in intellectual property law area.

Monitoring of figurative elements, logos and product designs is much more time consuming activity when compared to searching similarities for word trademark and therefore this service is more expensive. We rely on quality over quantity, so we take every single trademark monitoring seriously and perform each watch duly and precisely as much as we can.

We rely on quality over quantity, so we take every single trademark or design monitoring seriously and perform each watch duly and precisely as much as we can. So even though we may be using same tools as the competition to watch over your IP, we are not relying only on automated searches like most of the competitors. We do also use AI searches in order to find the best and most accurate results for you, however together with this method we are also doing manual comparisson of results performed by the IP professional.