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Whether you own a small or big YouTube channel, make content on Instagram or TikTok we know that the content creator work never ends, it takes a lot of creative energy, time and there is still something to improve in it, something to work on. We are here to offer you a comprehensive legal support in all your intellectual property matters so you can focus more on your passion and care less about potential infringment of your rights, whether it is your brand, copyright, merch or music.

Did you know that you can register your channel name as a trademark?
Did you know that you can trademark your digital product?

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Together with high specialisation in intellectual property law, giving every single case individual approach, whether you are individual or a big company, with affordable and transparent pricing, we can offer you high standard of legal advisory in your industry. 


Yes, definitely consider it! Your YouTube channel name can be (or already is) your brand and people recognize you thanks to it. That means your YouTube channel name may have value which should be protected.

Yes, definitely consider it! It can be (or already is) your brand and people recognize you thanks to it. That means your youtube channel logo may have value which should be protected.

Yes, the copyright automatically arises once your create your video. It extends to all parts originaly created by you, as its author. You do not have to even upload video or put copyright symbol attached to your name under it. However, bear in mind that copyright does not guarantee you „all-in-one“ legal protection.

Yes, someone else may use your youtube channel name when he sales different products or offer different services. This can be, in some cases, considered as unfair competition, but you can prepare for such situation with proper IP protection strategy and by registering your YouTube channel name as trademark. By obtaining trademark for your YouTube channel name or YouTube channel logo, you are becoming exclusive owner of such sign and can protect your rights against infringement in such cases more effectively.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to recognize whether this conduct can be considered as intellectual property infringement. Also it is very hard to generalize what are your chances to defend your rights. It is different in every single case. For example, if this similar channel is obviously stealing your content and ideas, contact youtube support for takedown request. If you think your rights are being infringed, always consult it with IP law specialist. That can save you a lot of money and time in future.

Very good starting IP strategy and trademark for your brand name. However, the comprehensive answer would depend on many factors such as type of merchandise, type of content, country of interest and market scope.

You can try to reach this person and notice them that you do not want them to do this and maybe propose a mutual negotiation if you are willing to grant them license to continue doing this business in return for royalties (your reward for granting this consent). You can always ask IP professional for advice or to write notice on your behalf. It can be much safer and cheaper  option in long run.

Yes, if you obtain the consent from the author of this content. Otherwise you should avoid using the content you do not own, such as music, images, videos or part of them. Fair use does not always work here and has its limits. Bear in mind that you can end up with your youtube channel (and all associated channels together with whole YouTube account) being terminated if you get 3 copyright strikes.

It means that someone (copyright owner) has submitted a complete and valid legal takedown request to the YouTube support and the affected video will be taken down to be complied with relevant copyright laws. If the YouTube channel gets 3 copyright strikes, associated YouTube account, along with associated YouTube channels, will be terminated, all the uploaded videos will be removed and person can no longer create new channels. For more information check YouTube Help or consult with IP professional.

As the consumers will or already do recognize your logo and connect it with your channel and your person, trademarking your logo is a very good option to start with. If you are not the author of the logo, then also consider obtaining license from its creator for trademarking and other business purposes. Contact us anytime for more information.

You have a few options here, but the optimal solution depends on various factors which should be first contacted with IP professional. In some cases you can register this design as an industrial design, in other cases as a trademark or copyright.

Súčet vkladov všetkých spoločníkov musí byť aspoň 5000 EUR.

Estimated price includes:

This will be the person to whom we will issue invoice by default and also the person who will be the official trademark owner, once the registration is finished.

We will make categorization for you for free.

You can choose more categories for one brand. More categories means more fees. However, most of the brands use only protection in 2 or 3 of these categories. If you need help with the selection, contact us anytime or write your brand products in the next field.

Video, sound, pattern, colour or other type of trademark.

Trademark consisting of figurative and verbal elements.

Trademark consisting of only words or/and symbols.

Trademark protection in the USA.

Trademark protection in all member states of European Union.

Trademark protection in the territory of Slovak republic.

Design is considered to have individual character if the overall impression it produces on the informed user differs from the overall impression produced on such a user by any design that has been made available to the public before the date of filing of the application for registration. You can contact us for more information.

Your design will be published in the design registry right after formal examination.

Registration may not be possible in this case. Contact us to discuss more options.

The author of the design who will be cited as author in the official registry.

You have written statement from designer that he does not want to be cited as author of the design in official design registry.

Will be displayed in the official registry of designs.

Design protection in all member states of European Union.

Design protection in the territory of Slovak republic.

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