News in Design protection in 2024

Novelties in EU design protection from 2024 In 2024, new EU legislation will enter into force aimed at unifying and updating the legal framework for design protection. This change will bring several important novelties for design owners and those interested in their protection. In this article, we will look at the key points of the […]

Understanding Different Types of Intellectual Property

Understanding the Different Types of Intellectual Property Intellectual property (IP) refers to the creations of the mind that have value and are protected by various legal frameworks. These creations can be divided into different categories, each with its unique characteristics and legal protections. In this article, we will explore the main types of intellectual property, […]

Design Protection in the Fashion Industry

Design Protection in the Fashion Industry The fashion industry thrives on creativity, innovation, and unique designs. For startups in the fashion industry, protecting their designs and intellectual property (IP) assets is vital to establishing a competitive edge, building brand value, and maximizing commercial success. In this article, we explore the importance of design protection in […]

Design Licensing: Maximizing Potential

Design Licensing: Maximizing Potential Design licensing and collaboration offer significant opportunities for businesses to leverage their creative assets, expand their reach, and generate additional revenue streams. From licensing agreements that allow others to use designs to collaborations that bring together the expertise of multiple parties, these strategies can be powerful tools for maximizing the potential […]

Design’s Role in Branding

Design’s Role in Branding In the world of business, branding is a crucial element for success. It serves as the visual and emotional representation of a company’s identity, values, and offerings. Among the many components that contribute to effective branding, design stands out as a powerful tool for creating a lasting impact on consumers. From […]

Lacnejšia Registrácia Dizajnov v roku 2024

Dizajn registracia

Registrácia dizajnu Dizajn možno zaregistrovať a získať tak ochranu na národnej, regionálnej alebo medzinárodnej úrovni. Túto možnosť využívajú desiatky tisíc dizajnérov a firiem po celom svete na to, aby ochránili svoje inovácie a duševné vlastníctvo. Registrácia dizajnu je platná toľko rokov, koľko sa rozhodnete ju udržovať v platnosti. Na začiatku je to 5 rokov, pričom […]

Design Protection Strategies for Startups

Design Protection Strategies for Startups Startups in the digital realm, particularly those operating in the gaming industry, online games, app development, virtual reality, and the emerging metaverse, face unique challenges when it comes to protecting their designs. In a highly competitive and rapidly evolving landscape, design protection plays a crucial role in establishing a competitive […]

Different IP rights for same product

Trademark in Toy Industry

In the world of intellectual property (IP) rights, trademarks, designs, and patents serve as essential tools for protecting and commercializing innovative products and brands. While each of these rights offers distinct forms of legal protection, they often intersect and complement each other, allowing creators and businesses to secure comprehensive safeguards for their valuable creations. This […]

Medzinárodná registrácia dizajnu

dizajn registracia produkt pravna ochrana

Ako dizajnér nových produktov ste sa už veľmi pravdepodobne stretli s tým, že bol váš alebo cudzí dizajn bez dovolenia “požičaný” niekým iným. Pred takýmto nedovoleným zásahom môžete svoje dizajny chrániť prostredníctvom registrácie dizajnu. Zaregistrovaný dizajn požíva viac práv, máte vďaka nemu väčšiu právnu istotu v prípade uplatňovania svojich práv a zhodnocujete svoju tvorbu. V […]

Súčet vkladov všetkých spoločníkov musí byť aspoň 5000 EUR.

Estimated price includes:

This will be the person to whom we will issue invoice by default and also the person who will be the official trademark owner, once the registration is finished.

We will make categorization for you for free.

You can choose more categories for one brand. More categories means more fees. However, most of the brands use only protection in 2 or 3 of these categories. If you need help with the selection, contact us anytime or write your brand products in the next field.

Video, sound, pattern, colour or other type of trademark.

Trademark consisting of figurative and verbal elements.

Trademark consisting of only words or/and symbols.

Trademark protection in the USA.

Trademark protection in all member states of European Union.

Trademark protection in the territory of Slovak republic.

Design is considered to have individual character if the overall impression it produces on the informed user differs from the overall impression produced on such a user by any design that has been made available to the public before the date of filing of the application for registration. You can contact us for more information.

Your design will be published in the design registry right after formal examination.

Registration may not be possible in this case. Contact us to discuss more options.

The author of the design who will be cited as author in the official registry.

You have written statement from designer that he does not want to be cited as author of the design in official design registry.

Will be displayed in the official registry of designs.

Design protection in all member states of European Union.

Design protection in the territory of Slovak republic.

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