Protecting Games: Trademarks in Boardgames

Protecting Games: Trademarks in Boardgames

Boardgames have witnessed a remarkable resurgence in recent years, with a thriving market and a diverse range of game options available to enthusiasts. In this dynamic industry, protecting intellectual property is crucial to safeguard the creativity and brand identity of game developers. Trademarks play a pivotal role in this process by providing legal protection against unauthorized use or imitation of game names, logos, and other distinctive elements. In this article, we will explore the importance of trademarks in the boardgame industry and discuss strategies for effectively protecting games through trademark registration.

The Significance of Trademarks in Boardgames

Trademarks are invaluable assets for boardgame developers. They serve as identifiers of the source of a game, distinguishing it from others in the market and helping build brand recognition. Trademarks can include game names, logos, catchphrases, or even unique character designs associated with a particular boardgame. By securing trademarks, game creators establish exclusive rights to use these distinctive elements and prevent others from using similar marks that could lead to consumer confusion.

Trademark Protection and Branding

Trademark protection goes beyond legal benefits; it also strengthens branding efforts in the boardgame industry. Well-known trademarks contribute to consumer trust, making it easier for game developers to establish a loyal following. The association between a high-quality gaming experience and a recognizable trademark can enhance the reputation and marketability of a game.

Registering Trademarks for Boardgames

To ensure robust protection, it is essential for boardgame developers to register their trademarks. While trademark rights can be established through use in some jurisdictions, registration provides additional legal advantages and strengthens the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Here are the key steps involved in registering trademarks for boardgames:

  1. Conduct a Trademark Search: Before filing a trademark application, conduct a comprehensive search to ensure the proposed mark is unique and does not infringe upon existing trademarks in the boardgame industry.
  2. File a Trademark Application: Submit a trademark application to the relevant intellectual property office, providing detailed information about the game, its mark, and its associated goods or services. It is advisable to seek assistance from a trademark attorney to navigate the application process smoothly.
  3. Trademark Examination and Publication: The intellectual property office will examine the application for compliance with legal requirements. If approved, the trademark will be published for opposition, allowing third parties an opportunity to challenge the registration if they believe it infringes upon their own rights.
  4. Trademark Registration: If no opposition is received or successfully resolved, the trademark will be registered, granting the boardgame developer exclusive rights to the mark within the specified jurisdiction.
  5. Trademark Maintenance: Trademarks require ongoing maintenance, including periodic renewals, to ensure continued protection. It is crucial to monitor the market for potential infringements and take appropriate legal action if necessary.


Enforcing Trademarks in the Boardgame Industry

Enforcement is a crucial aspect of protecting trademarks in the boardgame industry. Proactive measures can include monitoring the market for unauthorized use of similar marks, sending cease-and-desist letters, and taking legal action against infringers. Maintaining a strong and consistent brand image, along with effective communication with consumers and the gaming community, can also deter potential infringers and safeguard a game’s reputation.



Trademarks play a vital role in protecting the creativity, brand identity, and commercial success of boardgames. By securing trademarks, game developers establish legal rights and reinforce their brand presence in a competitive market. Registering trademarks and actively enforcing them not only shields games from imitation but also contributes to building a loyal following and fostering consumer trust. In an industry fueled by innovation and creativity, understanding the importance of trademarks and taking appropriate steps to protect intellectual property will ensure the continued growth and success of boardgame developers and their captivating creations.


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